International Diploma Program

AIA is dedicated to developing innovative learning solutions for students who desire educational opportunities that they cannot get from their present setting.
We have created a system that is suitable for students who desire a specific AP course or a diploma from an accredited American High School. We offer a solution to students who wish to complete their studies while remaining in their home country. This is a blended learning program offering courses approved by the University of California.
Our diploma program creates a sister school like relationship between AIA and the cooperating school. We share curriculum and teachers collaborate and communicate as necessary. They will take courses from AIA via a video technology that is facilitated by their local teacher and supported by AIA faculty. Students do not need to take any additional courses than their normal schedule unless they wish to do so.
A significant factor in this model is that it requires the two schools to work together to maintain standards of integrity, but most of all to work for the good of the student. It enables the student to receive an American school diploma while not incurring the cost of moving to a foreign country.
If a student does not wish to enroll in the diploma program but needs specific AP courses that would also be available to them.
Our Diploma Program has been successful in graduating students and having them be accepted to major Universities in the United States. Some of our students are now attending Cornell, Oregon State, UC  Irvine, UC Davis, Rutgers, Washington, Ohio State, San Francisco, UC San Diego, , Syracuse, Penn State, Delaware UC Santa Cruz, UC Santa Barbara any many others.

Graduation Requirements

Aquinas International Academy (AIA) requirements for International students  are the same as for US students, except for the foreign language waiver. However, transfer credits may be granted upon approval of foreign school's curriculum/syllabus by AIA Administration.  Thus 22  total credits are required for graduation.

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard


3 years
(must include Geometry and Algebra II)

Microscope in Laboratory


2 years
(lab science)

World History Class

Social Studies

2 years
(including World and US History or US Gov/Economics)

Studying in a Library


3 years

Basketball Dunk

Physical Education

1 year


Fine Arts

1 year

Film Crew

Approved Electives

10 credits