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"My name is Tagir. I am from Russia.  I am 10 years old.  My favorite courses are game design, coding and 3D animation. In class we learned Unity [javascript] and Python. It's my favorite subject, because I like making games.  I enjoyed all the classes, because they were not boring lessons and the teachers were friendly and funny. Your academy is very different from our schools in Russia and I would like to take more classes."


"I'm going to share my thoughts about AIA. I have learned lots of new things and  I tried everything that I could try!  Now I'm going to tell you about my favorite classes: The first one was Books and Beyond. It's the best class I had with a wonderful teacher, so it was a great pleasure to work with him.  The next class was with [Teacher] Francesca and  [Teacher] Nancy. Those are really cool teachers.  They are incredible.  I also have Nancy in my US History class, so I know her and I truly love the way she teaches. I can also mention Creative Writing with Miss Sconion and with Miss Parker which was really cool. To sum it all up, I can say that everything in this school impressed me and I appreciate this opportunity to say something to the teachers to the Vice Principal of Aquinas International Academy they made it happen.  I also would like to thank the company Educate Online. They helped me when some problems happened and they could always connect me with the school."

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