International Programs

Pathways to Success

Grades K-8

AIA Pathways to Success Program is designed for grades K-8 (and beyond if desired).

This program has been created to assist international students  in

  • Mastering the English language

  • Obtaining an American education while remaining in their native homeland

  • Becoming familiar with another culture

  • Reaching their dreams!

AIA offers open enrollment allowing students to begin at any time during the calendar year!

There are 3 initial Paths (A, B and C) that prepare students (should they choose) to move to Path D which, upon successful completion, the student is granted an accredited high school diploma.


We believe the earlier a child becomes fluent in English and becomes familiar with the US education system the more successful he/she will be in high school and college and beyond.

A brief overview of each Path is offered below. Should you have additional questions please use the "Contact Us" button. We look forward to hearing from you!

This short video shows our early elementary students reviewing a lesson during a live session with Teacher Gabe. These sessions are held once per week and are designed for review, additional instruction time and preparation for the upcoming week's lessons.

Principal Gillen greeting students and providing additional instruction to this classroom of Path A students

Path A

The Adventure begins in the early elementary grades. Ideal for grades K-2 (students can start at any age).

This initial path is intended for students with little to no English language background.  Path A is designed to prepare students for their dream journey of obtaining an accredited American education. Each lesson begins with a short recorded video lecture and is followed by several practice questions designed to measure the level of understanding of the material presented. Once mastery has been reached the student moves on to the next lesson.

Included in Path One:

  • A full year Discover English Course

  • A full year Language Arts /Reading Course (an assessment will determine the correct level of study for each student)

  • A Credentialed American teacher of record

  • One live session per week with teacher

  • A Certificate of  Completion

  • An invitation  from Principal Gillen to enroll in Path B

Path B

Students participating in and interactive live weekly session with Teacher Gabe

Path B is a Bold next step in the educational journey! Recommended for grades 3-5.

As students become more familiar with English, seek a deeper understanding and  add more challenging  courses, AIA offers our second Path that includes:

  • The next level of Language Arts and Reading

  • Access to Discover English for review

  • Grade level Social Studies

  • Grade level Science

  • A credentialed  teacher

  • One live session per week

  • A Certificate of Completion

  • An invitation from Principal Gillen to begin Path C

Each weekly live session begins with Teacher Gabe asking them to introduce themselves and tell something special about themselves. This exercise is beneficial as it strengthens speaking skills and understanding.

Path C

Path C is for the Courageous!

As students continue to master the English language and the additional subject areas of Path A & B, Path C  (recommended for grades 6-8) provides the next step to our middle school program. Path C moves students into full immersion by providing:

  • Grade level Language Arts and Reading

  • Grade level Social Studies

  • Grade level Science

  • Grade level Mathematics

  • Middle School Music

  • A Credentialed American teacher

  • One live session per week

  • Middle School Diploma

  • An invitation from Principal Gillen to begin High School studies in order to obtain an American diploma!

 Path D  -  Aquinas International Academy High School Diploma

International Diploma Program

All course work is approved by the University of California and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Students will take the course work to complete the diploma in the desired period of time. Students will take final exams at local schools and will be supervised by their local teacher.

Pathways to Success

Grades K-8