Grade 5 Language Arts/Reading

Grade 5 Language Arts/Reading

Grade 5 Language Arts/Reading is a rigorous course that builds and challenges students' growing language arts and reading skills with more complex texts and writing structures.  Students learn how to create, support, and develop a logical flow of ideas in writing that will convey to readers a main point or message. In addition, concepts of English basics, including phonics, word origins, vocabulary, spelling, and grammar are reviewed. Course topics include:

    • Prose, Sentences, and Personal Narrative
    • Prose, Nouns, and Story Writing
    • Drama and Verbs
    • Poetry and Pronouns
    • Genres, Adjectives, and Writing to Compare
    • Historic Text, Adverbs, and Essay Writing
    • Scientific Text and Writing a Book Review
    • Technical Text, Capitalization, and Sources
    • Research, Punctuation, and Reports
    • Precise and Effective Writing
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