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Economics & U.S. Government

Economics & U.S. Government

This course combines two great topics, economics and U.S. government.  A great introduction to the foundational principles of world economics and a provides a deep understanding of the U.S. government.


​Topic Highlights:

  • US Supreme Court cases

  • The Constitution & Bill of Rights

  • Structure of the U.S. Congress

  • GDP & international trade

  • Aggregate supply & demand

  • Inflation calculation

*  B2 + level of English or higher required



  • Duration: 8 weeks

  • Classes: 2.5 hours, M-F

  • Times: 0500-0730 EST, 1100-1330 EST or 2100-2330 EST

  • Credits: 1 Social Studies credit 

  • Refund Policy

    A partial refund of $1100 within 24 hours of start date. A partial refund of $1000 within 72 hours of start date. No refunds after the first week of start date.