AP Human Geography

AP Human Geography

This year-long course gives students the opportunity to study humanity’s historic and contemporary relationship with the physical world and natural resources, along with human innovations in culture, governance, agriculture, and industry. This course prepares students to take and pass the AP Human Geography exam offered each spring. The breadth of topics covered in AP Human Geography, along with its academic rigor, expose students to engaging topics and complex questions regarding how humans live, build, farm, govern, communicate, worship, migrate, fight, innovate, design, and compromise across the diverse regions of the earth’s surface. In addition to key topics and themes in human geography, students will engage in reflective discussion forums, encounter map and map-making analysis, manipulate statistical and theoretical models, as well as practice AP-level critical writing and research skills.

This course is ideal for the student with a special interest in the social sciences, and is an excellent primer for any pupil looking to explore future careers in academia, public service, diplomacy, social work or allied human services, and international business.


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