Earn American High School Diploma Online

AIA is dedicated to developing innovative learning solutions for students who desire educational opportunities that they cannot get from their present setting.  With that in mind, students are able to attain their high school diploma.  Due to the demanding nature of the program only students in 9th grade or higher can be enrolled. This is a blended learning program offering courses approved by the University of California.


By combining the successful completion of coursework from the students home country in combination with courses taken through AIA, students are eligible to attain an American high school diploma paving the way for their entrance into American universities. 

American High School Diploma
Graduation Requirements

Requirements for international students are the same as for US students.  However, international students will be exempt from taking foreign languages. Upon approval from AIA, student's coursework from their home school will be counted towards the 24 required credits to receive an American high school diploma.  Most of our courses are counted as one credit, just as they would be in any accredited American school and most courses are one academic year long. 

To know which coursework will be given credit, please reach out to our Enrollment Counselor who will be able to guide you the most relevant courses for your child or you.  

4 English 

4 Math 

3 Social Studies 

3 Science 

2 World Language

1 Health/PE 

1 Fine Arts 

6 Electives 

Math Notebook and Calculator


4 credits

Science Class


3 credits

Earn American high school diploma online

Social Studies

3 credits

English Teacher


4 credits

Film Clapboard

Approved Electives

6 credits

Yoga Class


1 credit

Filming a Music Video

Fine Arts

1 credit

Red Flamenco Dress

World Languages

2 credits