Academic Deans Corner

As you will see in our interviews this month, relationships are a vital part of Education and the backbone of our school!

As many of us head into Spring and are enjoying the warmer weather please keep our friends and families in Russia and Ukraine in your thoughts and prayers. 


-Jennifer Williams


Our Vision

Aquinas International Academy brings high quality American education to K-12 students on a global scale. Students interact with teachers while remaining  in their home country. We strive to create and build trusting and lasting relationships to all cultures and people through education. 


Our Mission

AIA's mission is to offer students world-wide, a unique U.S. educational learning environment with options from real time live teaching to independent study, on a platform using a video based master teacher system. Thus, AIA prepares them for eventual education in US colleges & career success later.


Our Beliefs

AIA believes students learn best when there is a caring adult in their education. We demonstrate this by providing real-time teaching to 12 time zones in English in class settings from 1-1 to 1-6 maximum. We use technology to enhance this process and to support students in their follow up learning.

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During this stressful time we are offering Mindfulness & Wellness classes to our students in need. These Classes focus on identifying your own feelings and thoughts and then teaches healthy ways to mange those feelings.


Teacher Spotlight

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Ms. Alex Brooks

I have a strong background in international relations, asian studies, and Spanish with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from The University of Alabama. I have studied courses ranging from critical writing in Spanish, to the history of the American west. I have taught English as a second language for almost three years now. I first started out when I was in college; working as a tutor for visiting professors and their families. We would work together on their spoken English, as well as actively participating and facilitating cultural exchange every single day. After I finished my studies, I went on to teach English as a second language overseas in South Korea for six months to kindergarteners and elementary schoolers. Once I returned, I earned my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification. I know what it takes to understand cultural and learning differences when it comes to mystudents. I am extremely excited to teach with Aquinas International Academy.

Student / Teacher Interview

Ms. Alex Brooks & Student Kira Piskar sit down to speak on how Ms.Brooks got stated teaching and how she spends her free time.

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Jim Gillen

In this edition of our chats, I would like to share a very important learning moment in my life. When I was in Primary school as we called it in Ireland growing up- -Elementary school in the U.S. system- -the Headmaster (Principal) as we called him, came to talk to us one day in 5th grade. Because he was the Headmaster of the whole school both Primary(grades 1-6) and Secondary (grades 7-12) we almost never saw him as he taught in the Secondary school in Honors English and Honors Mathematics to the 12th grade or seniors, as well as run the school!