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Mindfulness & Wellness Workshop

Why do we have stress and what can we do about it? And how does it impact sleep, learning and quality of life?


The stressors on our minds are greater today than at any other time in history.  Numerous studies have found that understanding how your mind and emotions work helps to create a healthier mind.  A healthier mind, means not only better learning, but better quality of life.  Every lesson will have a psychoeducation component and discussion with open-ended questions to encourage group participation with group sizes of a maximum of 10 students.


This group is confidential and respects students privacy. 


In this 8 week workshops meets every Friday and will cover these topics:

  • Psychoeducation on anxiety, stress, depression, and wellness and the relationship to environment 

  • What are EMOTIONS?

  • Discuss integrative therapies and holistic practices to achieve wellness, happiness, peacefulness, and to calm the mind.

  • Decision-making and development of self/burn out caused by over-responsibility

  • Self-Identity

  • Back to emotions/communication with ourselves and others

  • Perceptions of self and others

  • Changing our behavior and negative habits




  • Start date: FRIDAY, 28 January 

  • Duration: 8 weeks

  • Class: 1 hour

  • Times: 10am EST 

    • Group 1  - ages 7 to 10​

    • Group 2 - ages 11 to 15 

    • Group 3 - ages 16 to 19 

  • Cost: $349 

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