Our curriculum is designed to prepare students to successfully continue their education at the college level with emphasis on critical thinking, problem solving, and applying knowledge to new situations. 

Our required courses are designed to ensure that each student learns at a level suited to his or her needs and receives a foundation in all academic areas to prepare them for college.

College Prep and Advanced Placement (AP) level classes are available. Our curriculum includes English, Mathematics, World Language (French or Spanish), Social Science, Science, and Fine Arts.

Mathematics & Computer Science

  • Geometry   

  • Algebra I

  • Algebra II

  • Pre Calculus

  • Calculus

  • Statistics

  • Computer Sciences


  • English9

  • English10

  • English11

  • English12

  • American Literatur

  • World Literatur

Fine Arts

  • Art

  • Music Theory

  • Art History  

  • Photography


  • Physics              

  • Biology Chemistry        

  • Life Science

  • Earth Science    

  • Physical Science

  • Enviroment Science

Social Studies

  • Bible

  • Music Theory

  • Human Geography

  • Psychology

  • Economics Accounting

AP Course

  • AP Computer Science A

  • AP Statistics

  • AP Biology

  • Ap Chemistry

  • AP Art History

Staff Teacher


Teaching experience:9 years

Subjects: Ap Economics, world history

Education: Yale University B.S. degree,  Columbia University Master's degree 


Teaching experience:12 years

Subjects: Ap English literature,Ap History,ESL,TOEFL

Education:Master's degree in English education of junior high school


Teaching experience:25 years

Subject: Ap Studio Art

Education:U.S. high school instructor 


Teaching experience: 18 years

Subject: Ap Physics

Education:Master's degree in Education, Master's degree in Physics


Teaching experience:10 years

Subjects: AP Physics, Engineering 

Education: Master's degree in physics 


Teaching experience: 32 years Subjects: Ap History,Ap U.S.government &politics Education: Master's degree in History


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