Social Studies courses are divided into three main areas. Each area includes courses designed to meet the needs of students with various backgrounds and abilities. In each of these courses certain skills will be stressed, including critical thinking, interpretation of charts, graphs, pictures, maps, cartoons, and statistics relating the past to the present, note taking and outlining, reading comprehension, vocabulary development, understanding cause and effect, and written and oral expressions of ideas. Current technology will also be used to supplement the learning process highlighting the importance of research.

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AP U.S. History

This course surveys the history of the United States from colonization to the present. The course goes beyond a study of political history to examine the history and evolution of our culture, economy, military capacity, social institutions and sense of national identity. Students will examine in depth the tensions in the United States caused by the expansion of the country from a small group of colonies to an economic and military super power. Students will also examine the challenges of integrating and extending the American Dream to immigrants, Native Americans and African Americans.