Live Instruction Courses

Servizio di tutoraggio online

Live Classes are conducted with a certified teacher in two settings: small group (1:6 teacher:student ratio) or individual private classes.  These year long academic courses can lead to earning an American high school diploma. All courses are accredited American curriculum based classes. 


Using a variety of mediums in an encouraging, student focused, environment teachers lead students through subjects such as social studies, STEM, sciences, technology, and high school English to name a few.  AIA teachers are certified, experienced and well respected in their subjects, all of them hold specific instructional training and many hold master's and doctoral degrees. 

Applying today is the first step in creating your child's individualized learning plan; starting them on the pathway to success! 

Independent Study


Independent Study is designed for students who want a flexible schedule and have the focus to study at their own pace.  Students can choose from a wide range of subjects. All courses, with the exception of ESL, are accredited and count towards earning elementary to high school credits.  Credits earned are eligible towards earning an American high school diploma.  

Enjoy the pleasure of having a quality American education at your fingertips.  Look through our course offerings today and reach out to one of our enrollment counselors today to create your individuliazed learning plan that is just right for you.  


Studiare insieme

Tutoring is offered on an individual basis where students work directly with one teacher to improve key skill areas. These classes are particularly useful for students wishing to take Live Instruction Courses

  • ESL for Social Studies 

  • ESL for Physics 

  • ESL for Biology 

  • ESL for Reading

  • Accent Reduction

Students find these course extremely useful in obtaining the necessary level of English to succeed in more demanding high school courses. 

Start investing in your future and start a conversation today with one of our Enrollment Counselors to create an individualized learning plan.