Social Studies courses are divided into three main areas. Each area includes courses designed to meet the needs of students with various backgrounds and abilities. In each of these courses certain skills will be stressed, including critical thinking, interpretation of charts, graphs, pictures, maps, cartoons, and statistics relating the past to the present, note taking and outlining, reading comprehension, vocabulary development, understanding cause and effect, and written and oral expressions of ideas. Current technology will also be used to supplement the learning process highlighting the importance of research.

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U. S. Government

This course is designed to teach students how the federal government works and to prepare them to be engaged, informed citizens. Students will learn the philosophy of the Founding Fathers regarding the purpose of government and the rights of individuals and how the Construction embodies that philosophy. Students will gain an understanding of how the size and powers of the national government have changed and grown over two centuries. The class will examine the structure and functions of the three branches of government. Students will also examine the electoral system, political parties, modern politics, and the mechanisms by which public policy is created and altered.