Social Studies courses are divided into three main areas. Each area includes courses designed to meet the needs of students with various backgrounds and abilities. In each of these courses certain skills will be stressed, including critical thinking, interpretation of charts, graphs, pictures, maps, cartoons, and statistics relating the past to the present, note taking and outlining, reading comprehension, vocabulary development, understanding cause and effect, and written and oral expressions of ideas. Current technology will also be used to supplement the learning process highlighting the importance of research.

Map in Grass
AP Human Geography

This is a dynamic and engaging class that covers the key concepts and topics that are part of living in a global community. It combines, current events, global trends, politics, history, economics, culture and industry. Students are expected to have a desire to be Global citizens and be committed to keeping themselves informed on what is going on in the world. The broad spectrum of material covered means that this course would be useful for any number of university or career choices. However, this course is ‘a must’ for anyone considering a career in politics, journalism, law or business. There is a field trip component proposed