Social Studies courses are divided into three main areas. Each area includes courses designed to meet the needs of students with various backgrounds and abilities. In each of these courses certain skills will be stressed, including critical thinking, interpretation of charts, graphs, pictures, maps, cartoons, and statistics relating the past to the present, note taking and outlining, reading comprehension, vocabulary development, understanding cause and effect, and written and oral expressions of ideas. Current technology will also be used to supplement the learning process highlighting the importance of research.

Ancient Stone Sculpture
AP Art History

This course studies 250 artistic pieces pre-selected by the College Board from Ancient Art to Contemporary Art in the 21st Century. Art from Western (European, American) and Non-Western (Asian, African, Latin American & Oceanic) cultures will be explored in depth. This course emphasizes a deep conceptual understanding of art historical concepts. Students develop an understanding of global artistic traditions and expand their visual and contextual analysis skills through examining works of art from diverse cultures while considering issues of patronage, gender, politics, religion, and ethnicity.