Meet The Team

AIA teachers are the heart and soul of our school.  We are proud of our excellent global team who are experienced, licensed, enthusiastic and dedicated; creating learning environments that allow students to truly excel and be the best they can be! 


Alexandria Brooks

Alexandria has a strong background in international relations, Asian studies, and Spanish with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from The University of Alabama and TEFL Certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). 


She has taught English as a second language for almost four years now. She first started working as a tutor for visiting professors and their families;  working together on spoken English, as well as actively participating and facilitating cultural exchange. After finishing university, she went on to teach kindergarteners and elementary schoolers in South Korea for six months. 

Alexandria understands the cultural and learning differences when working with her students, making her classroom an encouraging space to all students.  

Aniysa Sconion

Aniysa lives in Atlanta, Georgia on the East Coast of the United States.  She  graduated at the top of her class from Kennesaw State University with a degree in English. In addition, she holds a Masters in Special Education and a Masters in Public Administration.


She has been teaching English & Math to children for more than seven years; teaching both US based students, as well as international students.  She is passionate about teaching and is a very energetic teacher; making learning fun for all her  students! She finds it incredibly rewarding to see her students' confidence rise as they gain new language skills.


When she is not teaching, she loves spending time with her two children, cooking new recipes, or writing her parenting blog.  

Torres Keany

Andrea is a native English and Spanish speaker, having grown up in Spain, but spoken English at home with her Scottish mother.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Philology from the University of Alicante and expanded her knowledge in England at Manchester Metropolitan University where she studied English language and literature. 

She has 10 years teaching experience working with children between the ages of three and 16 using different areas of children's animation based on learning through entertainment, fun and enjoyable games. 

She has worked with children with learning difficulties and provided private extracurricular revision classes.

Andrea imparts each class based on the students' needs, creating an interesting, fun and comfortable virtual classroom where students are eager to learn! 

Ashley Robota.jpg

Ashley Robota

Ashely hails from the great state of Arizona in the United States. She has a Bachelors degree in Biology from Arizona State University and has spent the majority of her adult life investigating the wonders of the biological sciences and learning about the components of living organisms.   


She is a Registered Dental Hygienist and has spent over 10 years in clinical practice teaching patients about their oral health and how  it impacts the rest of their body. Medical conditions, medications, nutrition,  bacteria, immune system response, anatomy and physiology are just a few of the  topics she has taught patients optimizing their health.  

In addition, she is a USA Triathlon certified coach, working with athletes to maximize their performance and teach them how complex muscle groups work together to enhance power and speed, strength training, nutrition, and cardiac states, to allow them to train and perform at their best. 

She loves sharing her knowledge, experience, and expertise with  students, creating an engaging and fun virtual classroom, no matter what the subject.  She enjoys sharing her knowledge with students, helping them learn to cultivate healthy lifestyles, understand the ecosystems around them, and gain a better sense of life processes.  

In her free time she enjoys training and racing Ironman triathlons, endurance  mountain biking, traveling with my husband, playing with dogs, reading, and spending time with family and friends. 

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Avanna Bell

Avanna grew up in California and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English along with a TESOL (Teaching English as a Second or Other Language) certificate. She is currently a graduate student in the College of Education specializing in curriculum and instruction at Ashford University. 

She has been teaching for six years and has experience teaching all age groups.  She aspires to be an educator that helps children and young adults succeed in their educational goals.  Avanna provides a structured virtual classroom environment filled with fun and interesting classes where students are very engaged with learning.  Before joining AIA, her experience includes online English as a Second Language (ESL) tutoring, adult education test preparation, and autism intervention. 

In her free time, she enjoys playing sports, traveling with her family, and learning about different cultures.

Beth Fraser

Beth graduated of Lyndon State College with a dual degree in Elementary and Middle School Education in 2000; later going on to earn a degree in secondary education.  She has taught math for several years  in a pre-k through 12 setting, allowing her to work with all age groups.  


She truly enjoys working with students and seeing them succeed.  She understands the value of quality education and has been involved in many areas of education including: head of a pre-k through grade 12 math department , class advisor, honor society advisor, sunshine committee chair, team leader, licensing board, educational support team, and has written curriculum.  In 2019, she was recognized as the State Teacher of the Year Alternate.

Outside of school,  she stays busy enjoying time with her family, gardening, cooking and baking, camping, hiking, and playing with my corgi dog.  

Cox McDowell

Dr. Chrystal Cox McDowell is a graduate of Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a Master of Arts in Education. She has also completed a doctoral degree in Student Affairs Leadership at the University of Georgia.


She joined the University of Georgia's Griffin Campus team in 2014, serving as the assistant director of student affairs--a role that has allowed her to bring the theory learned as a doctoral student into practice as a student affairs professional. Before coming to UGA Griffin, she served as director of the college readiness program, Upward Bound at Atlanta Metropolitan State College, a $1.25 million grant focusing on preparing high school students to enter college. It was during this tenure that the research that focuses on first-generation college students was formed while working in TRiO.   


She is active in her community and has served on the board of directors of Advo-Kids CASA, an advocacy organization that serves children in local counties.  She also serves as a facilitator for Leadership Griffin with the Griffin+Spalding County Chamber of Commerce.  She also serves as a representative fro WFU, as an alumni-in-admissions, at local high school college fairs, and serves as a mentor to young women pursuing educational and career goals.


In her free time, she loves relaxing and spending time with her family and their yorkie dog. 

Francesca Pietrella

Francesca graduated with a degree in Translation and Liaison Interpreting from the University of Bologna, Italy.

She started teaching English in 2006 and she absolutely fell in love with teaching!  And in 2008 she earned her CELTA certification with a specialization in teaching young Learners (preschoolers to teenagers) at International House in Barcelona, Spain. This certification gives her great insight into teaching students who cannot yet read or write in their own language.  In the past few years, she has become involved in other linguistic projects - such as writing the Italian language course “Italian Uncovered” ( She has done translations for Ferrari S.p.a. translating their website from Italian into German.


She considers that every student a different world and basis her classes around students' needs.  with AIA, which I am very pleased to work with.  Her motivation comes from seeing students happy with their results! 

In her spare time she loves travelling, sightseeing, visiting museums, reading and spending time with her family.  

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Gina Chinchilla

Gina earned her Bachelor Degree in Psychology with a focus on Child and Adolescent Psychology through Argosy University and went on to gain her TEFL certification.  She brings with her a wealth in teaching ESL, English as a Second Language, with years of online teaching.  She has taught both adults and children from a variety of countries, so she is no stranger to working with students from different cultural backgrounds; creating a structured classroom that allows students to discover their talents in subjects from English Literature, Psychology, Health, Spanish, and Language Arts. During her career, Gina has also worked in a traditional classroom setting in both elementary and high school.  


She loves sharing her knowledge with students no matter where they are located in the world and is a passionate teacher.  The success of each of her students is the final goal!

Hanlie Robbertse.jpg

Hanlie Robbertse

Hanlie hails from South Africa and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Management from the University of South Africa.  After working in the world of finance for many years, Hanlie decided to explore her passion of teaching and quickly earned her TEFL Certificate allowing her to teach English.  She has over 10 years experience teaching English to learners of all ages, from elementary school to the university level, and abilities.  Her classes are dynamic and incorporate all four skills of the English language - reading, writing, speaking and grammar.  She also loves bringing to life her first academic passion, finance and business, allowing her to lead business or finance classes, as well as English for business use.  


She loves teaching and sharing her knowledge with her students. Students' success in learning is her passion and seeing them succeed is incredibly rewarding. 

In her free time, she loves traveling and meeting people from different cultures and walks of life. Traveling has brought her a lot of joy and has taken her to many different places. This open mindedness helps her in the classroom to work with a diverse set of students with different needs in their learning journey. 

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Anne grew up in a little house on the prairie in the USA in Iowa and ended up living in Spain later in life.  She is a certified elementary school teacher with a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology and Spanish, a Master's degree in education, and Ph.D. in multicultural education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her doctoral research explored ways of using multiple learning styles in the classroom, emphasizing kinesthetics and movement-based learning methods.  


Anne spent many years learning Portuguese in Brazil and studying martial arts there.  In fact, her love of languages and culture has taken her all over the world and she has taught ESL in Costa Rica, Brazil, and Spain.  Anne has over 20 years of experience working with children and teens in the classroom and is a dynamic teacher who brings her passion for cultural diversity and creative learning methods into each lesson. She specializes in exam preparation (TOEFL), vocabulary development, pronunciation, and fluency.  Anne truly cares about the success of each and every student and creates a warm, comfortable learning environment for each student to advance in their skills efficiently.


Outside of school, she enjoys playing the flute, blogging about language learning, reading fiction, playing Brazilian capoeira, and visiting waterfalls.

Anne Haggerson

Julia Nikol

Julia Nikol is a licensed elementary teacher from the United States. She graduated with honors from Cornell College with her Bachelor of Arts in English and Russian. She’s certified through TEFL to teach English as a second language and also has an elementary teaching credential from the state of Florida. While studying to become a teacher, Julia completed her practicum in a virtual elementary school. She has seven years of teaching experience in various settings, both in the virtual and physical classroom.

From the traditional public school classroom to more experimental settings such as Montessori and Reggio Emilia schools, Julia is familiar with a variety of teaching methods and has integrated a number of techniques into her pedagogical approach. Julia is currently living in Taiwan and has previously worked in Iceland, South Korea, Mexico, and Russia. In her free time, she enjoys biking, playing the piano, and studying languages. 

Ingrid Crause

Ingrid, or Frau Crause as she is known, is a heritage German speaker, meaning that she learned and spoke German at home.  She grew up near Detroit, Michigan, but her parents were both originally from Germany.  She has a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Michigan, majoring in German.   


While raising her three daughters, she went back to Eastern University to get her K-12 teaching certification in German and Health.  Since then, she has been teaching German language and culture to students from all ages groups and brings with her lots of experience teaching online. 


In her free time, she likes to spend as much time outdoors in nature as possible – cycling and hiking with her family. 

Colby Granvile

Colby's entire life background is in teaching, US History, and US Government. He holds several degrees, starting with a Bachelor of  Arts in Secondary Education, a Master in Education in Educational Media, and a Juris Doctorate all from Arizona State University.  His main area of focus is American Humanities, including English literature, history, economics, and political theory of the American experience. He was twice elected and served in government as a  City Council member. 

Colby has taught English as a second language in China, Mozambique, and online and has taught US History, US Government, US Humanities, Ancient Western Humanities,  and Renaissance Humanities for five years to High School students in a live classroom setting.  Additionally, Colby has put his law degree to use, practicing as a civil litigation attorney and a criminal defense attorney for ten years. 

He is a self confessed serial entrepreneur, having started and run several small businesses including an athletic apparel company, an escape room, and two web app development companies.  He  currently runs the publication, “After Dinner Conversation,” that focuses on short stories that ask ethical and philosophical questions. 

In his free time, Cobly is an avid traveler, having visited 45+ countries so far, and he plans to continuing to travel and learn about other countries and cultures.

Lindsay Sturnick

After earning her Bachelor's degree in Biology in 2013 Lindsay worked in the 

pharmaceutical industry as a laboratory scientist for 5 years.  Wanting to pursue her passion for the Spanish language and teaching, she moved to Spain in 2018 where she currently lives and works. 

With over five years of experience teaching English in person and online to various age groups of children between the ages of 4 to 18, Cambridge and Trinity official exam prep, and adult conversation classes, she has been able to adapt to the many needs of her students. Lindsay believes in making learning as fun and natural as possible and loves to incorporate interactive games and activities into her lessons. 

When she isn't teaching you can find her hanging out with her dog, going on nature hikes, and enjoying the Spanish sun and sea.

Michael Wilson

Michael is an Engineering Professional with over seven years of experience in Coding/Game design and Building Technology Engineering Field experience (HVAC and Electrical).  With a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology at the top-ranked Purdue University, Michael began his journey of developing mobile apps, one of which was made for Purdue University. 

He is now a consultant for HVAC Building efficiency, focusing on programming for hospitals  and surgery rooms as well as a S.T.E.M instructor for Aquinas International Academy. He also teaches college engineering students Material Sciences as part of their Technology or Engineering degrees.

In his free time he enjoys building and developing and augmented reality and virtual reality games, playing soccer, and spending time with his family. 

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Melinda List

Melinda has two college degrees in the field of Education from Northern Kentucky University, a Bachelor’s Degree of Education with an emphasis on English and a Master’s Degree in Gifted and Talented Education (K-12) which she earned with honors. 

Her teaching experience spans more than 26 years, teaching in traditional and virtual settings. During her career, she has taught a variety of classes, served in several professional leadership positions, and contributed to multiple committees; including, State Assessment, Curriculum and Instruction, Diversity, PBIS, Technology, Student Support Team, and Textbook Adoption. She had the honor to serve as a Kentucky Teacher Internship Program Mentor for three years to some outstanding and talented new teachers. 

In her free time she enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing games, cross-stitching, crocheting, reading, swimming, designing wedding flowers, and studying Spanish. 

Daum Dailey

Nancy is originally from the United States, but gained her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Political Science from Richmond, The American University in London.  After graduation, Nancy went on to become a certified teacher, gaining her TEFL Certificate in the UK.  Shortly afterwards, she moved to Madrid, Spain where she began her teaching career, teaching students of all ages, but mainly teenagers and adults, both in person and virtually.   She focused solely on teaching English as a second language for nearly 14 years before taking her love of history and the social sciences on the road through her work with the American Council for International Studies providing educational multi-day tours to American high school students.  


In 2008, she started her own tour company in Barcelona, seeing that children were vastly overlooked when on tours, she conceptualized, designed and implemented a series of age appropriate interactive educational bringing history and architecture to life for children of all ages.  Nancy brings the same concepts to the classroom, creating interactive and engaging student focused classes.  

In her free time she loves biking, open water swimming, gardening and spending time with family and friends. 

Pankaj Mehrotra

Pankaj has a strong background in Biology, Research and Pedagogy with a PhD in Medical Sciences from University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom, a Masters in Integrative Genomics from Black Hills State University, United States of America, and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Zoology from University of Delhi, India where he graduated with honors. 

He has taught a variety of students from around the global, including the International Baccalaureate biology courses in India, American college level biology & chemistry for Bard College in their early college students in China, college level biology at St Theresa International College in Thailand, as well as,  biology  and health science courses.  He is presently working as an Ambassador for the Center for Open Science based in Virginia, and a Biology board reviewer for MERLOT, California


He has published research work on science and science education; recently writing a textbook on the fundamentals of biology which has received an ISBN number.


Patrick Dougherty

Patrick graduated magna cum laude from West Virginia University in 2007 with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Mathematics, Physics and German Language.  He was awarded the Betty Miller scholarship in 2006 for being the outstanding senior class Mathematics major.  He currently lives in Philippi, West Virginia where, aside from teaching students around the world, he also uses his talents to focus on Mathematics content writing and creation, developing Physics content for  He has contributed greatly to AIA's 2021 Summer Camp by developing the curriculum for the Intuitive Mathematics course that he taught. 

He especially enjoys helping my students grasp difficult concepts, by  always focusing on creating intuitive learning strategies in all his classes. Using his philosophy of mathematical intuition by showing students examples that have a real life purpose and that enhance the structure of the material. 

Sam Kulla.png

Sam Kulla

After high school in Montana,  Sam worked as a whitewater river guide across the West to pay his way through university where he earned a degree in Geography and Spanish. Later, After graduation, he instructed wilderness medical and emergency response classes throughout the US, taught skiing in Japan, and coordinated international MBA destination programs in San Francisco.   He wen on to earn his Masters in Education at the University of Montana, with a focus on English teaching and creativity.  He is also an International Baccalaureate certificated teacher. 

For Sam, connecting with students through their interests, benefitting students, whatever their authentic path may be. In addition to education, Sam has also worked in industrial wind power, tech services, and maritime / clean water organizations.  He uses his   experience in these diverse trades to demonstrate real world applications of key concepts and ideas, setting the stage for a classroom dedicated to learning through discovery.  

In his free time, Sam likes to play music, ski, rafting, 35mm photography, painting, and outdoor adventures! 

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Sarah Kulla 

Sarah holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology and geography and a Teaching certification to teach secondary level Spanish from the University of Montana.  In addition, she studied at the Universidad de Guanajuato in México, perfecting her Spanish.  Her love of education went beyond the traditional classroom when she participated in ecological internships for conservation of Leatherback sea turtles in Costa Rica and Sandalwood tree groves on Big Island slopes of Mauna Kea, Hawaii Island.  


Sarah has taught children and adults of all ages in Montana, Hawaii, and Mexico in a wide variety of subjects, both virtually and face to face. She believes virtually learning can be
successful when it goes hand in hand with nature based experiential learning at the
forefront; thus creating a classroom that is open to discovery and learning.  She loves the personal connection she makes with her students and enjoys having fun while focusing on the course content! 


In her free time, she loves cooking, doing art, and exploring nature with my husband.  They both love animals and have a gentle dog, several cats, and now, egg laying hens.

Tyrus MDowell.jpg

Dr. McDowell is an educator and consultant with over 20 years experience as a teacher and school leader.  He holds a Doctorate in Education from the University of Georgia, an Ed.S. in Educational Administration and Supervision as well a Masters in English Education and a Bachelors Degree in English. He is certified to teach English, AP English, and Gifted Education.


He is excited about our experience together and welcome the opportunity to help students to be successful. 

Tyrus McDowell


Wendie Lubinsky

Wendie is the Owner and CEO of WML Wellness in Holly Springs, North Carolina. She is currently attending Capella University to attain her Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a projected graduation date of December 2021.   She is holds a Certification in Contemporary Theory in Mental Health Services from Capella University, and is a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Nutrition Coach, Life Coach, Weight Loss Coach, and Mental Toughness Coach since 2001. She holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of California, Irvine in English.


She has been an instructor for the American Red Cross since 1999 and shortly after became an Instructor Trainer, which is the highest certification level in the American Red Cross, allowing her to teach people to become teachers.  Her years of teaching experience for the American Red Cross’s community Health and Safety classes at the base level, instructor level, and instructor trainer level have given her a vast multicultural teaching experience with diverse populations.   She developed and built a successful American Red Cross business teaching Health and Safety classes and taught numerous students over the 16 years.   She is currently looking forward to finishing my PhD, 


Qi holds a Bachelor's degree from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London and a Master’s Degree, Applied Linguistic & Language Pedagogy.  Originally from Shanghai, China, is a native Mandarin speaker.  She taught students of all ages during her 10 years of teaching in China before making the leap to move to London where she has been teaching middle and high school in British schools, as well as teaching students online, for the past six years.   

Qi's combination of being a native speaker, combined with her studies in language and pedagogy, make her a great teacher able to bring the Mandarin language and Chinese culture to life for students.   Qi actively coordinates two camps a year for students to experience Chinese culture firsthand, understanding that language is strongly connected with culture.  

In her free time, she enjoys going to museums (thank goodness she lives in London!), spending time with friends and coordinating events at the UK Shaolin Temple.

Qi (Sara) Wang 

Chrispus Mwapea holds a Master's degree in Science Education from Montana State University, and a Bachelor's degree in Science Education from Egerton University in Kenya, where he graduated with honors. He is currently a student at the University of Houston in Texas pursuing a doctorate in Educational Leadership.

his career, he has taught in International schools offering the British National Curriculum, IGSCE and GCSE. During this time, he really enjoyed the diversity of his students, and he fell in love with the multicultural classroom where each person is coming from a different culture, and often country! 


He works for a school district in Houston, Texas, but has also been teaching online and tutoring students from all over the world for many years now. He is passionate about education and helping students to achieve their maximum potential. 


During his free time,  he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, reading, and having lots of adventures! He is a self-confessed math and science nerd, so he is crazy about finding solutions to problems especially when they are difficult!

Chrispus Mwapea


Glenda Candido holds a Bachelor of Arts and Licentiate degree in History from University of Campinas. Her passion for learning about other cultures and languages led her to gain a Certificate in Italian language and Culture from Scuola Campus L’Infinito. And has studied French at the Alliance Française for many years; with her sights on learning German next.

She has been teaching since university and has not stopped.  She is an experienced, dynamic online teacher.  Her teaching has taken her to Japan in 2017, where she taught History and Art History to middle and high school students.  2019 took her to China where she earned her TESOL Certificate.

In her free time, she loves to do CrossFit, travel, visit art galleries and museums, reading and spending time with my friends and family. 

Glenda Candido

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