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Online Class

The AIA Difference

We strive to provide daily parent and student support and encourage parental input and feedback to provide the best online education.


   Our mission is to offer each student a personalized learning plan to give them the flexibility to learn independently or with live instruction, maximizing their learning potential! This type of learning platform prepares students for a smooth transition to a higher education & ultimately career success.

   Our Accreditation is from AdvancED/Cognia, which is the largest Accreditation agency in the U.S. formed by a merger of 3 of the 6 leading Regional Accreditation agencies in the U.S. Here at AIA, we are wholeheartedly committed to the concept that knowledge is indeed power and that the power of knowledge can remove barriers of mistrust, enhance understanding and friendship between people and nations and generate immense goodwill and cooperation between young and old. This is the underpinning philosophy behind everything we do in seeking to spread the access of American education throughout the international community

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Need to Improve Your GPA?

Credit Recovery is a program designed for students who either want to improve their grade in a class previously taken or for students who didn't pass the subject on their first attempt. Our certified teachers will guide students through the desired course to ensure the student obtains a complete understanding of the content before proceeding!


Learning Styles


Do you learn best with real-time interaction?


AIA is dedicated to developing innovative learning solutions for students who desire educational opportunities that they cannot get in their present setting.  Students will be directly guided by a certified teacher in a one-on-one setting to ensure the student's options have a full understanding. This program also includes (8-12) 50 minutes of live tutoring sessions per week based on the student's grade level.


Flexibility of self paced study plans!


AIA understands the demands on a student's busy schedule, so we offer self paced classes to allow for maximum flexibility.   Students use our dynamic learning platform to follow an American curriculum class.  Instruction takes place through instructional videos and detailed notes, while having the resource of a certified teacher to consult with questions that are answered within 24 hours.  As with all classes, both the midterm and final exam are proctored live. 

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