The AIA Difference

Our mission is to offer each student a personalized learning plan to give them the flexibility to learn independently or with live instruction, maximizing their learning potential! This type of learning platform prepares students for a smooth transition to English speaking universities & ultimately career success.


Graduation Completion

Prepare for the future!

AIA offers a solution to students who wish to complete their high school studies while remaining in their home country. This is a blended learning program offering classes accredited by AdvancED/Cognia.  AIA has created a system that allows students to work towards earning their American high school diploma, smoothing entrance into American universities. 

To be awarded an AIA diploma students must take at least 25% of their high school classes, or 6 credits,
with Aquinas International Academy.


School Teacher


Improve your education!


Then our live instruction classes are just for you! AIA is dedicated to developing innovative learning solutions for students who desire educational opportunities that they cannot get from their present setting. Using an American curriculum,

AIA is a fully accredited online school.   International students can benefit from classroom instruction, in an American setting, that will enable them to discover what subjects interest them most and explore their full potential.  

AIA recommends that students start by taking a few live instructional classes at the middle school level for those students who are working towards earning an American high school diploma. 


Online English classes with native speaking teachers


Want to improve your English?


AIA’s English as a second language (ESL) classes are especially designed to teach speakers of other languages the skills of writing, reading, vocabulary, accent reduction and grammar in English.  Concepts are presented in engaging lessons with experienced, certified and native English speaking teachers.  Students are exposed to a variety of situations in which they are required to use their English.  Classes ranging from A1, for complete beginners to advanced level.   AIA also offers accent reduction classes, an important part of excellent communication skills. 


Distance Learning


Flexibility of self paced study plans!


AIA understands the demands on a student's busy schedule, so we offer self paced classes to allow for maximum flexibility.   Students use our dynamic learning platform to follow an American curriculum class.  Instruction takes place through instructional videos and detailed notes, while having the resource of a certified teacher to consult with questions that are answered within 24 hours.  As with all classes, both the midterm and final exam are proctored live. 

Intensive Courses

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Want to take advantage of School breaks to earn credit?


  • Complete a full academic year course in eight (8) weeks

  • These intensive courses require 2.5 hours per day, 5 days per week

  • Earn 1 full US school credit

  • 72 hours of live instruction with licensed teachers

  • Enables students to complete required courses quickly

  • Students can increase their English level with ESL classes

  • Get a jump start on the upcoming academic year

Dual Credit

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Jumpstart your higher education!


Dual credit is the term given to courses in which high school students have the opportunity to earn both High School and University credits simultaneously.Dual Credit courses are taught by credentialed High School teachers with a Master's Degree or higher.

Credit Recovery

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Need to Improve Your GPA?

Credit Recovery is a program designed for students who either want to improve their grade in a class previously taken or for students who didn't pass the subject on their first attempt. Our certified teachers will guide students through the desired course to ensure the student obtains a complete understanding of the content before proceeding!


Online Teacher

Need a little extra help?


Tutoring is ideal for students who are having trouble understanding the complexities of a particular subject or who wish to improve their grade.  Before tutoring begins, students are assessed by a certified teacher taking into consideration the work already completed in the subject, what points they need to strengthen and the student’s end goal.  A suggested tutoring schedule will then be presented to students and parents.  Tutoring is available for all subjects.